Spending Weekend Time in Malahayati University, Why not?

SUNDAY Morning is Perfect Time For Relaxing our mind and soul, after did our duty six days before. Especially for student that always spend their energy and mind to learn about their scholarly. Do exercise is the perfect choice to spend our free time on weekend. With do exercise we can get a lot of benefits such relaxing our mind, more healthy and get so much fun if we do that with our friends.

That idea as same as with Founder of Malahayati University mind. So, he made facilities for support Malahayati’s students not only on academic but also their life in Greendormitory. Lucky for them, in their free time they can do exercise without spend money and go far away. In Greend Dormitory their can go jogging, swimming, playing basket ball, tennis, volley ball, futsal, etc.

With 84 hectares wide, student can do everything their want to get their satisfaction on weekend. Not only sports facilities, Malahayati also have a lake for fishing. Usually people called “Love Lake” for that lake. In that lake we can do a little picnic, fishing, or just enjoy the Malahayati scenery with sound of wild bird and water gurgling. It’s so beautifull, isn’t it?. If you want to enjoy your food with your someone special, Malahayati has Foodcourt and cafe you know?.

Not satisfied enough with the whole things i said before? Don’t worry, Malahayati Also has a wide park. You can play inline skating, skate boarding, go cycling too here. So rather than you enjoy “Car free Day” in the town, i think Malahayati is better place for enjoying our free time. And the best thing is every facilities is integrated in on one location. Let’s come and visit Malahayati, and feel the unique expericence.[]

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