From The Side Of Lake Malahayati Surah Yasin Reverberate

THE is located on right in the decrease in hill Pertamina bintang amin Hospital , Malahayati University Campus Complex, Bandar Lampung.Between two roads, the left leading to rector building, and the rifht to lecturer housing complex.

Resident Housing complex often fishing in this lake. Usually they look to throw the fishing line from the islands on the middle of the lake.

In addition, the lake is also often into a training of SARMedis team Malahayati University.

Different atmosphere happen in every week. Such as when visited this place on Saturday, May 23, 2015. Here is held reading Surah Yasin from orphans, as well as compensation from the campus to them.

On the edge of a lake surrounded by trees is audible reflexion surah Yasin. Dozens of invitees follow the activities wiith wisdom. Shade trees also add the coolness in the event that reconcile hearts.

Religious activities begins with the Zuhur prayers togehter, reading of Surah Yasin and prayer then meal together. Orphans and Their mothers are welcome fishing and the fish obtained allowed to take home.

If you listened carefully, it is clear the orphans were to pray to God so that Malahayati University continues to grow and advance. Dari Tepi Danau Malahayati Surah Yasin Berkumandang

Among the orphans were praying, there is also already a teenager. They all are now studying at the University of Malahayati. They got a scholarship from the college. Besides freed from the burden of costs, they still receive compensation.

“Events of the lake is quite good for the personality of the children who haven’t father, due to the presence of the event shaping the personality of a religious, to be held lectures and read the letter Yasin well as children feel cared” said Elismawati, one of the invitations that live in the area East Gadingrejo, Gadingrejo, Pringsewu Regency.

Compensation and development of orphans is indeed an obligation which directly ordered by Rusli Bintang. Rusli Bintang is the founder of the University Malahayati who is currently Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Yayasan Alih teknologi legal entity of University Malahayati.

Obligations sympathize orphans applies to the entire leadership, faculty, and staff at the University Malahayati. Even for students are also subject to similar liability. []

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