This is What Professor Dr Mohamad Khan Jamal Khan Said About Malahayati University

Professor Dr Mohamad Khan Jamal Khan Ph D MSc BSc, Dean of the School of Business and Management Cyberjaya University College Of Medical Sciences (CUC-MS) Malaysia when visited Malahayati is so memorable. He said his happiness when he in the campus of Malahayati. In there, he felt that campus is full of blessing.

“Well, i’m just a few days here. But what i’ve observe, this campus is full of barakah. Which i won’t be able to quantify, but when you have adzan being all campus, student with polaite dress, and i think this is the philosophy behind,” he said while talking to in Kabara Food Court, December 1, 2015.

He also said the state of the environment as well as support facilities that exist in this place. And the students’ learning motivation, will certainly continue to rise. So there is’nt reason to complain. The facilities were arranged in such a way, discussions and other activities, he saw a very good thing. Moreover, supported by space and environment is very conducive anyway.

He hoped that the collaboration between the two universities will certainly bring benefits to both. Constraints about cultural adaptation, condition and so on is a natural thing. However, the trust between the two campus would be able to develop existing resources. In addition, he hopes to strengthen this collaboration with not just exchanging knowledge from courses only, but other study programs such as Occupation, Safety, and Health that their concern is being developed.[]

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