Rewind The Beautifull Memory With Orphans in The Lake of Love

LAKE Orphans or sometimes people called it “The Lake of Love”. Located in the middle of Malahayati University, Bandar Lampung. This lake is a place for sharing of love, stories and sustenance to orphans that assisted by Malahayati University. In turn 1300 more orphans attend this place every Saturday with their mother to reciting Surah Yasin. They Pray together to God for Malahayati University Goodness.

Today, Wednesday, December 23, 2015, I repeat that memory. I threw my legs through the trail made of papping. I saw the shades of Sengon Trees Towering my steps to the best spot for relaxing my mind. Altought not too far, hilly ground contours make my sweat dripping endlessly. I tried to wipe away the sweat with a small handkerchief, and trying to feel the breath of life around me.

Not long after, I came to the edge of the lake. In the middle of lake there is a small island like Samosir Island in Toba Lake. Nila looks set Mujair and swim without free while fighting over breadcrumbs intentionally threw earlier. Swan-shaped also lined up neatly shores of the lake because it was not able to operate again.

I set my seat, leaning against the wooden gallows. I started to close my eyes, release all tired of lecture that some time is noticeably burden me. Gurgling water from the drain discharge pipe, gently rubbing the leaves by the wind makes me feel drift and enjoying my afternoon break at this place. Deeper I drift in the calmness, my memory about this lake rewinded. I Felt i was in a different dimension.

I heard the strain of Surah Yasin so sweetly from this place. This sounds the same sound I heard last Saturday this place I guess. Cheerful face a little boy who fed by her mother. Laugh off while they are playing seesaw, feels so real stick in my mind. Some of them going fishing and joy when the baby Nila gain at the end of their fishing rod. Feels like I want to wipe their hair and gave them candy in my right pocket. By Saying “Thanks kak” is a pray for me that certainly heard by Allah.
But when I tried to approach them and do my intentions …

Krekkkkkkkkk … .Brakkkkkkkkkkkk !!! ” Sounds right tree branches falling on the roof over my head. I woke up, my eyes dispersed, I immediately got up from where I sat. I saw around me, no one here. Just a security guard at his post I saw from distance. “Oh my God” I thought to myself . The sound was damaging the beautiful memories with the orphans on Saturday. I saw the clock already showed 07.30 am , time for me to go back and get ready to go back again, struggling with classroom this morning. [ ]

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