Greet the Cadaver In The Anatomy Laboratory Faculty of Medicine Malahayati University

My heart was beating faster and faster when Ia saw the green door with notice “Do not Shut up, there Practicum” above.. Today is January 27, 2016, with a self-confident and courage, i knocked and entered the room. Yap, Anatomy Laboratory, one of places that i don’t want to entered before. In there, there is some things I did not like, “cadaver”. Cadaver is a corpse that is used by students of the Faculty of Medicine to learn Anatomy.

In there, Faculty of Medicine Student give serious face, using Lab uniform, with anatomy module open in front of them. Those with serious hearing directives given by a teaching assistant before starting the posttest. I saw smiles of four assistant professors were so friendly at me. One of them took me to see the whole room and contents of Malahayati anatomy laboratory, Place of medical student doing practicum in Malahayati University.

This laboratory is divided into three rooms partitioned by a concrete wall. The first room is where they learn where a replica of the skull and other tools are stored, a second room or a refrigerator room, there usually they do a post test, then a third room where cadaver storage.

I brought my feet into the third room, the room that made me curious to immediately see the direct cadaver used prospective doctors. In that place, the smell of preservatives cadaver occasionally tickling my nose. The first sights all I got is an organ of the lung that are on the table anatomy. Lab assistants explain the parts and their functions to the students. There was also seen there trash storage of human organs in wrap and sterile. Afterwards, a lab assistant, showed me cadaver that usually they use to learn.

Initially there was a strange feeling when viewing the cadaver for the first time, but not as scary as I thought it fascinated me. Cadaver that was in front of me is not just a learning tool, but can be called a great teacher. Because the cadaver, the prospective doctors can more clearly recognize the structure of the human anatomy.

The atmosphere in the lab, it was not as scary as I thought. Instead I feel the aura of the spirit of the prospective doctors are so blazing in this room. Those who did post test until they go back to learn about the anatomy guided by the assistants.[]

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