Desire Mother’s Orphan For Love Lake Events in Malahayati University

Activities that warming and soul always accompany the routine on Saturday. Looks around 150 mothers and orphans gathered in prayer for their large families, Rusli Bintang’s families and also for Malahayati Univercity. The event was held on Saturday, November 28, 2015 at the Love Lake Malahayati University. The event is attended Rayendra Hermansyah groups and Malahayati Univercity’s family.

The event aims to offer prayers and establish a relationship between the members. The event that is very rare in other universities. The event, which gathers mothers and orphans in a scope that has the same goal. (Baca juga: Keinginan Ibu Yatim Teruntuk Acar Danau Cinta di Universitas Malahayati)

One mother of them expressed the desire to further strengthen the friendship and kinship among mother of orphans. To mingle and share a sense.

“We wanted to mingle with other mothers, with a big Malahayati Univercity’s families so that there is no break. because this activity has been confirmed, must stay in touch with each other so there is a sense kinship,”said Rita Ningsing.

The mothers and orphans expect these activities further by holding more events of different composition, discipline and conduct activities for orphans. So that the orphans be over morals and good future.

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