The History Of The Founding Of Malahayati University

Malahayati University is a private university founded by Alih Teknologi FoundationBandar Lampung on August 27, 1993 which officially became the anniversary of the University Malahayati. Malahayati start operating after it is passed by the Minister of Education and Culture No.02 / D / 0/1994 on January 28, 1994. At first Malahayati located in Jalan Kartini Bandar Lampung since 1994. Then moved to Jalan Pramuka No. 27 Bandar Lampung. (Baca juga: Ini Sejarah berdirinya Universitas Malahayati)

Malahayati begin with consisted of the Medicine Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Economics Faculty and Nursing Academy. Then in 2002, the Faculty of Public Health (FKM) was officially established. In 2005 Nursing study program (PSIK) opened, and then in 2006 Program D-III and D-IV Midwifery opened. In 2009, FKM open the Public Health Study Program Megister. In 2015, the Faculty of Medicine opened courses such as Psychology and Pharmacy degree program. Law Faculty is also formally legally on December 7, 2015.

Malahayati’s name is taken from the name of a warlord woman from Aceh, namely Laksamana Malahayati. Malahayati is a figure of a woman in Aceh who are intelligent, have high morale, brave, resolute, tenacious, resilient, and responsible, which is always based on the light of faith and devotion in accordance with the teachings of Islam. Laksamana Malahayati on her heroism it was awarded as National Hero. To honor and continue the fighting spirit Malahayati the College is named University Malahayati are resolute to participate significantly in national development together. Along and in line with other universities were earlier present in Lampung Province.

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