Unique Library, the Convergence Culture Collection and Style in the Netherlands

LIBRARY University Malahayati located on the 8th floor of building F presents a unique and different experience from most libraries. Indonesian indigenous cultural nuances are reflected in miniature 34 homes as a reading room and study. In other words, you will be invited to tour Indonesia accompanied by reference books are complete.

Entering the library door, we are greeted soft light. Tendrils of vine around a board that lists the names of the custom house of 34 provinces in Indonesia will also greet our arrival. The books are neatly arranged on wooden shelves, accompanied by a small river containing colorful fish soothing eye. Cool atmosphere exhaled by AC which is the corner-corner of the room, gurgling water and artificial trees that shelter will surely make you relax and focus on reading.

Not only that, modern reading room in Erasmus University, The Netherlands presented at this place. Soft sofa, coffee table fit for reading while sitting on the floor will make you linger in this place. At the library, you can read while lying comfortably tablets. Not surprisingly, Erasmus-style reading room is often used for the study group and diksusi.

Still not satisfied? You can move to the other side, a discussion room with a capacity of 12 people can use to rehearse a presentation or discuss other things. Because at this point, also provided LCD projectors that can be used for presentations.

Still want adventure? You can shift back to the primary side or the middle part of the library. For those of you who are lazy to read the manual, here you can read the book through digital. Yep, that’s right, Malahayati Library also has a digital library that is able to access millions of books and journals from around the world.

Waiting for, let’s play to the Library Malahayati.[]

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