Atmosphere University of Malahayati current Holiday Semester Arrive

BIRDS chirping in the morning welcoming Malahayati University area. The breeze and the sound of gurgling water of the lake as well as the strains sengon trees and leaves are falling, as if to accompany footsteps through every corner of the campus. The atmosphere is usually crowded with frenzied lecture, this time is different.

Stepping into the classroom hall, the sound of silence as a student exams. But the reality is the hallways and classrooms have been deserted due to semester breaks.

Dormitory is usually crowded by students fro now looks deserted since February 13, 2016. There are only a few rows of student vehicles are abandoned by their owners to return to their respective areas or left on vacation. As far as the eye could see, just look empty benches and trees that stands firmly in the campus area.

Likewise with Kabara Shop and Kabara Food Court which usually never empty, today looks very lenggang even practically empty. Just look at some of the security guards who guard posts and some employees are still active.

And this atmosphere will be back to normal on February 29, 2016, because at that time a student holiday period is over. []

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