Green Campus Malahayati; Lung of Bandar Lampung

LOCATED in Pramuka street, Bandar Lampung, Malahayati University is not only a place to gain knowledge of more than 6,000 students however was transformed into a the city’s lungs Bandar Lampung. Why is that?

The first time through the gate Campus Malahayati, your eyes will be presented with the scenery and feeling different from other campuses. You will feel like being at the peak of Bogor, because the shade of the trees that make the air becomes cool. With an area of approximately 84 hectares, hilly contour was transformed into a stately buildings but still maintaining environmental sustainability.

On this campus, grow towering trees Sengon, Albasia, and other types of trees that overshadow every square meter campus. Thousands of trees that is the supplier of oxygen for life around. Fumes, air pollution, is absorbed by trees and greenery in this place, then replaced with fresh oxygen for the survival of the creatures around him.

Its location fairly central, and flanked by the city of Bandar Lampung, Pesawaran District, and South Lampung regency make this campus an active role in preserving the environment other than as a warehouse of knowledge, of course. Because if we look from a height, it is clear how the University Malahayati with thousands of trees that surrounds become the lungs of the city and the surrounding residential areas. So no exaggeration, if Malahayati dubbed the “Green Campus Bandar Lampung”.

Here’s a portrait of the green of the University Malahayati moment in a photo using unmanned aircraft (drone) of a height:


Malahayati looks aside


Malahayati from behind


Malahayati among the leafy trees


Malahayati among dense settlements

|sumber foto: Surya Maxima Photography

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