University Malahayati Prepared Complete Facility For Students

FACILITIES Supporting teaching and learning activities such as classrooms and integrated laboratory course is needed by students. Especially, students of the Faculty of Medicine, both Prodi General Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery and Akafarma and others. In addition, the interactive lecture room equipped with adequate facilities based on the standard of comfort in learning methods will streamline the uptake of science by students. That’s the basis of the University Malahayati always develop and augment its facilities.

Currently Malahayati University have set up dozens of interactive lecture hall with a capacity of 150 people more students to students of the Faculty of Medicine, coupled with space teleconference, Tax Center, and MCC are fit for 300 students. Graha Bintang building used for public lectures, able to accommodate over 2000 people. Of course, all the room was already equipped with a sound system, LCD projector, IQ Board, CCTV, air conditioning and all other support facilities.

Bored with conventional lecture hall, students can learn in small groups at home-indigenous Library Unit with a capacity of 10-30 people. Or in the reading room stylish Erasmus University, the Netherlands is also in the Library.

University Educational Laboratory Malahayati also preparing for the increase in skill training and practicum students from various courses such as:

1. Faculty of Medicine

  • Anatomy laboratory
  • Laboratory of Biology and Physics
  • Histology laboratory
  • Anatomical Pathology Laboratory
  • Parasitology laboratory
  • Physiology laboratory
  • Clinical Pathology Laboratory
  • Microbiology laboratory
  • Biochemistry laboratory
  • Chemistry lab

2. Skill Laboratory / Medical Skills:

  • AVA laboratory
  • Skill Laboratory Emergency
  • Elderly and Mental Skill Laboratory
  • Skill Laboratory Maternity
  • Adult Skill Laboratory, ICU, Isolation
  • Skill Laboratory of Paediatrics, Trigger, Nicu
  • Vip Skill Laboratory I, II Vip
  • Skill Laboratory Community
  • Laboratory Clinical Medicine / Skill Lab
  • room Tutorial
  • room OSCE
  • The room CBT

3. Nursing

  • Laboratory of Medical Surgical Nursing
  • Child Nursing Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Psychiatric Nursing

4. Midwifery

  • Laboratory Maternity
  • Laboratory KIA

5. Pharmaceuticals / Akafarma

  • Integrated Laboratory Akafarma

6. Faculty of Engineering

  • Integrated Laboratory of Civil Engineering
  • Integrated Laboratory of Industrial Engineering
  • Integrated Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering
  • Integrated Laboratory of Environmental Engineering.

In addition to academic support facilities, the University Malahayati also be integrated to provide a variety of support facilities outside the academic activities for the convenience and comfort memeberikan civitasnya. As:

  • Student Dormitory (Green Dormitory)
  • The apartment lecturer
  • Kabara Shop
  • Kabara Cafe
  • Kabara Lounge
  • Kabara Salon
  • Kabara Loundry
  • Facility Recreation and Sports Facilities outdor and indoor.

Still curious and want to know a lot about the Green Campus Malahayati and facilities?

Please come directly to Jalan Pramuka No. 27 Kemiling, Bandar Lampung, to just look around or traveled education. []

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