Who Is The Head Of Malahayati University And What Are His Duties?

Malahayati University led by a Rector as chairman and primary responsibility at the University in implementing the directives and policies, establish rules, norms and benchmarks in higher education on the basis of the consent of the Senate and the Executive Board of the Foundation for Technology Transfer Bandarlampung .

In implementing the foregoing, in the academic field Rector is responsible to the Ministry of Education and Culture. While in the field of financial administration Rector responsible to the Executive Board of the Yayasan Alih Teknologi Bandar Lampung. (Baca juga: Siapa sih Pimpinan Universitas Malahayati dan apa saja tugasnya?)
In addition, Rector is also responsible for managing the delivery of education, researc , court of the community, and other support activities, as well as to provide guidance to faculty, student, academic support staff and administrative staff.

In performing its duties , the Rector should be guided by the regulations and assisted by several vice-chancellors.

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