There Are Task Of The Malahayati Rector

Rector as chairman and primary responsibility at the University in implementing the directives and policies, establish rules, norms and benchmarks in higher education on basis of consent of the Senate and the Executive Board of the Yayasan Alih Teknologi Bandar Lampung. Here is the task of the Rector from the Statutes Malahayati University: (Baca Juga: Ini Dia Tugas Rektor Malahayati)

  • Rector lead the organization of education
  • Rector develop educators, students, administrative personnel.
  • Implement the decisions of the University, the Foundation and the Government relating to the activities of the institution.
  • Implement functions in academic and administrative management in coaching and development of the university.
  • Organizing external relations, both in the country and abroad, as well as giving an explanation that fits with lines established of policy defined Administering Agency and the legislation in force.
  • Joint Administering Agency compose the Statute.
  • Develop plans strategic for 5 year period, draw up the work program and the annual budget of the University.
  • Giving rewards or sanctions to the academic community by provision applicable.
  • Submit a report education providers and finance as well as the implementation of the work program on a periodic basis to the Administering Agency.
  • Rector held a board meeting once a month along with an Administering Agency.
  • If necessary, the meeting may be held complete with inviting all leaders of work units and or can invite Administering Agency.
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