Metamorphosis of Malahayati University From Nothing to Something

UNIVERSITY of Malahayati established by the Alih Teknologi Foundation Bandar Lampung on 27 August 1993. Start out of a shop on the street Kartini Bandar Lampung, now at the age of nearly 23 years, the University Malahayati metamorphosed into a stately campus with all facilities prepared for it civillian.

Dorms, faculty apartments, Shop, sports facilities such as golf, badminton, futsal, to the swimming pool, helipad is also equipped with a culinary built to meet the needs of the occupants. A clinic and a pharmacy was also built as a preventative measure to maintain the health of the students, there is even a hospital facility which is located a few meters to the left of the campus gates named Amin Star Hospital. One owned by Malahayati education in cooperation with Pertamina Hospital in Jakarta.

The atmosphere is cool and conducive purposely built for the convenience of the students in the learning process. Layered security from the entrance gate to the campus dormitory entrance to routine patrols the campus security force to provide security while on campus.

Upon entering the gate of the University of Malahayati you will be presented with a great view and a different feeling from other campuses. Outside looks small, but when you getting in, you’ll see this campus has 84 hectares area with a contoured hills and blanketed with shade trees, you will feel like being at the peak of Bogor, because the shade of the trees that make the air becomes cool and cozy.

And that makes this campus different is its vision of creating graduates who are ethical religious. So that students from six faculties such as Medicine, Public Health, Engineering, Economics Law and Pharmacy required not only able to excel in skill but also have good ethics anyway. No wonder if Malahayati continue to contribute scored graduates who are competent, ethical and religious integrity in the workplace.

Another uniqueness of this campus is the University Malahayati also require employees and students to sympathize at least one orphan. So that in the 1300s more orphans in turn, do the gathering, eating together and read Surah Yasin Saturday shores of the lake are also intended specifically for orphans built Malahayati.

What are you waiting, lets join us at Malahayati University, and Lets Challenge the future together…

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