What Kaye Jujnovich Said about Malahayati University

LAST Saturday (13/6), the Dean of Arts at Whitireia New Zealand, Kaye Jujnovich was in Malahayati University, signing the MoU of the collaboration between Malahayati University and Whitireia New Zealand. She was also going around the complex of Malahayati University. And at the end of her visit, she was treated to lunch on the seventh floor of the Rectorate Building, Malahayati University, Bandar Lampung.

Malahayati.ac.id got special time from that special guest for an interview after that lunch. She told us about her impression of Malahayati University. Check out more from an excerpt of her conversations with malahayati.ac.id:

Do you mind if we start this conversation with an introduction?

Oh, I’m Kaye Jujnovich. I’m a Dean of Arts at Whitireia. And Whitireia means a first light, it’s a light that you see first in the morning. And that’s symbolic of bringing a light to your community. I was born in Auckland City, New Zealand. I’m sixty-two.

What kind of event that make you’re coming here?

Well, I’m coming for a number of reasons, but last year I had a contract to look at some of the teaching resources and the teaching methodology that you use for the most of trainers program for building all of the teachers. So that was probably a large path of the introduction into Indonesian culture.

And what’s the purpose of this visit (in Malahayati University)?

Umm, because I guess.. this supposed here, in Indonesia to look at internationalization. And to breakthrough some of those changes, I think New Zealand is an ideal partner, we have a small population. I think the people welcome others. And we have a very good education system. I think we can do inform each other.

What do you think about the facilities in this University?

I’m really impressed. I told, your library was fantastic and i love the way that you have those eligible places for study. They have the cultural significance, I’m really impressed with that. And then I like those rooms that have comfortable sofas where people could gather together to discuss. Very cool!

Is there anything else that impressed you from this University, maybe the place or people?

I think it’s always the people that impressing the most. And I’m very impressed with your director. He looks very young to me to take such a position. That’s very impressive.

Do you have any suggestion for Malahayati University?

I think might be. But, I haven’t been here long enough and.. No, I don’t. But it seems to me like you’re doing very well without suggestion from me.

What do you wish from this collaboration?

I think it’d be fantastic. I think it’s really big creation, we could do some staff exchanges. And you know, because Indonesia and New Zealand not most interested in the health of children. You could make this project save it. You could turn that to be beneficial to both of us.

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